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    Strategy & Vision
Strategy and Vision

Vision Statement
To attain excellence in Specialized, innovative and impressive Engineering Construction across the West African sub-region.

Mission Statement
To offer Engineering Survey and Civil Engineering Services with utmost professionalism and in a safe, timely, efficient and reliable manner that deliver quality results.

Core Values
At Geodata, timely and accurate information is paramount to the success of each project, hence, crew leaders and managers are in constant contact through our Internal Communication System (ICS). Geodata’s practice of collection, correlation and sharing of information on a daily basis contributes greatly to the overall success.

Business Goals and Objectives
To manage and complete entire contract, with proven process and delivery. From project conception, through completion, our personnel are solely dedicated to the client, the project and the success of both. Geodata identifies the required services and establishes realistic scopes of work and budgets that are cost effective and achievable. This we know, is essential to the successful completion of the project and fulfillment of the client’s expectations on time and within budget.

Growth Strategy
The key to our growth has been rewarding our employees for paying crucial attention to our customers’ needs and requirements in addition to their pay cheque. Geodata Engineering  Limited has created a work environment where our employees can work hard, work smart, learn, have fun and grow. We also adjust ourselves to technological changes all the time. Paying attention to these details has enabled us to continue to grow.

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