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What We Do
We have developed our know-how and expertise into Engineering Survey and Construction Services - a site configuration matrix which covers the entire scope of work for each defined configuration, including:

In addition to our modular designs and expertise, we offer our partners:
- Financial and schedule commitments from as early as the tender phase.

As a leading service provider, we also understand our customers have individual needs and requirements, therefore we have developed:
- A flexible ‘Boutique Concept’ allowing you to choose tailored services most suited to your needs.

Just like a shop, our services ‘boutique’ offers convenience and high flexibility, enabling you to select from our comprehensive solutions, the desired services and products which optimally fit your project’s requirements and needs.

Our customers can request for our boutique offers which can comprise the provision of the whole or the following or a selection of any or a combination starting from:

(a)Topographic Survey
(b)Geotechnical Survey
(c)Design and Drawings
(d)Project Costing
(f)Project Implementation
(g)As-built documentation
(h)Maintenance and monitoring

Geodata has a proud reputation for successfully meeting the tight deadlines inherent in large scale Engineering Survey and Construction projects. Our unrivalled service, total commitment to the success of the project and advanced project control methods, enables us to meet the highest quality standards and deliver superior service on time. Complex, fast track engineering survey and construction projects demand precise coordination. That is where Geodata’s Vast engineering experience and expertise in large-scale survey and construction projects become your advantage. Our total commitment to the success of the project and advanced management solutions, enables us to deliver high quality standards in an exceptionally superior level of science provision.

The essence of our engineering survey and Construction ‘Turn-key Concept’ is a site configurations matrix which covers the entire scope of work for each defined configuration and enable us to quantify the deliverables in advance. At Geodata, we regard our customers as partners and are prepared to offer financial and schedule commitments, from as early as at the tender phase. We strive to deliver excellence and determination to success of our projects, while establishing long term, mutually beneficial business relationships with our partners.

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